Five Longevity Secrets Involving Food

Since Ponce De Leon searched for the Fountain of Youth in the 15th century, humans have been looking for ways to live long, healthy lives where they have boundless energy and looks that don’t reflect their actual age. While modern medicine has done wonders to increase life expectancy, many people spend their later years in pain with debilitating chronic conditions. Living long does not necessarily mean living well, which is why Dr. Eric Wood, a leading naturopathic physician, wrote a book on this very subject.

The book, Longevity Secrets: How to Grow Younger at any Age, was published by Primal Health. Primal Health reviews the leading medical research to provide the general public with the knowledge to make the best decisions available for their health. Dr. Wood is an expert on longevity, and he provides great advice throughout the book, so you’re highly encouraged to buy it and learn about the aging process and how we can make changes in our lives that will have a very powerful effect on how we look and feel.

We will discuss many different tips he recommends, but for the purposes of this post, we will briefly discuss food. If you have ever looked in a vending machine for a “healthy” option at work or tried to eat when on the road, you know how difficult it has become to eat right. Processed foods are a common staple of the Western Diet, and they have had far-reaching effects on our health. We are heavier than we’ve ever been. We consume entirely too many empty calories and eat foods composed of artificial ingredients.

Dr. Wood suggests that the food choices you make can have a significant impact on your health, and you should always aim for nutrient-dense food to make the most of your caloric buck. Here are five foods he recommends to potentially improve your longevity:

  • Stick with Organic Fruits and Vegetables (If you can’t afford to buy everything organic, at least consider replacing those in the Dirty Dozen with their organic counterpart.)
  • Eat Organ Meats from Grass-Fed, Humanely-Raised Animals
  • Eat Sea Vegetables like Kelp and Nori
  • Drink Raw Dairy
  • Sprout Your Vegetables for an Additional Nutritious Kick

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