Primal Health Reviews

Primal Health is a Texas-based company that focuses on wellness through science-backed products and health literature. Seeing the growing health problems that exist in society, the founders of Primal Health wanted to start a company that provided individuals with the tools and education to help them achieve their own personal health results.

Primal Health understands that it is often not an individual’s fault if he or she is confused about how to attain a healthier life. There are so many resources out there, and many often disagree with one another. Primal Health wanted to bring the research and writings of some of the world’s leading experts on nutrition and other disciplines to help health-conscious individuals learn more.

In addition to books and other publications, Primal Health also sells high-quality supplements directly to consumers to facilitate better health. Primal Health reviews the literature on supplement ingredients and looks for ones that have been shown to deliver measured results. Primal Health’s team includes regulatory experts, product development leaders, customer service specialists, and more to ensure it provides quality products and the needs of customers are taken care of.

You can find a list of Primal Health’s offerings below:

Primal Health Publications

  • Smart Blood Sugar by Dr. Marlene Merritt
  • The Joint Pain Solution by Hugo Rodier, M.D.
  • The Blood Pressure Solution by Marlene Merritt
  • Longevity Secrets Dr. Eric Wood
  • The Metabolic Fix by Jason Hunter
  • The Unbreakable Brain

Primal Health Supplements

  • FlorAdjust
  • Smash-It!
  • Shred-It!
  • T-Supply Max
  • BioMeric
  • DuOmega 3 & 7
  • OptiAge Level 1, Level 2
  • CardioRelax AO
  • HeartZest
  • GlucoBurn
  • Triflexarin
  • CogniForce
  • Thermo Power
  • Bright Eyes
  • Advanced Diet Complex
  • Starch Be-Gone
  • Dual Defense Prostate Support
  • SleepTonin

Want to learn more about Primal Health? Visit this site often as it will be updated with posts about specific supplements and books as well as posts focusing on current topics in modern health.